Paris Stanford details heartbreaking two-year layoff ahead of return to LFA 135Sports Update 

Paris Stanford details heartbreaking two-year layoff ahead of return to LFA 135

The epidemic affects everyone differently, but for Paris Standford his worst nightmare is

Stanford (5-3) will return to action on July 8 at LFA 135 in his home state of Arizona for the first time in two years. He was not only fighting for the first time in two years. But he also stepped down to bantamweight for the first time in his career.

He faces promising Brazilian Allan Begosso, who is on the verge of losing the LFA bantamweight title.

When Stanford stepped into the cage on July 8th, he would have done so without his parents, who tragically died within the last year.

“In 2021 I want to fight. Especially at the end of the year, Fight Ready opens in the middle of the year. And I organized the Fight Ready jujitsu program – I am the Paris Stanford jujitsu head professor,” Standford told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview. “So I started doing that again. Have students go to pick up customers back in. And I had to call on November 1st that my father had passed away suddenly. And it’s like, ‘Oh my God’, you know, it’s nowhere. I just saw him last weekend. I talked to him the other day.”

“My father is my biggest supporter, you know, he really is. We’re not always on good terms. But a few years ago it was special, especially when I was fighting for the LFA. [the first time]That was actually the first fight he had actually arrived and yes, and he had seen that fight. It was a good fight for me. And he’s very proud, he’s very proud, but yes, he had a big heart attack.”

Stanford’s pain didn’t stop there. In fact, it will get worse.

“Weeks after we buried my father My mother was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. And unfortunately, on April 10, my mother passed away. And I buried my mother too,” Stanford said. “This is how I know God is with me because I should be destroyed. You know, I love my mom to death. Mother is an important part of my strength. she is amazing She’s had lupus since I was a kid. And they wrote that she had passed away by then. But she’s just a fighter. and when i tell you I watched my mother fight until her last breath. I held her hand until the end of my life.”

When both of his parents passed away, the 39-year-old still had to fight a lot now.

“I have a lot to fight for. And now I have a lot of fire in me, and you know, I’ve always been a self-motivated person. But I guess God decided I needed a little more motivation,” Stanford said.

Stanford’s “super-hero” believed his parents would be keeping an eye on him. And when he returned to LFA, the promotion was the first time his father watched him compete. He planned to show up in their memories.

“I’ve been through a lot. and I will make my parents proud. I got everyone there and I got all the support in the world. So if it should be, it will be There are a million ways I can get him to end up in that cage,” Stanford said.

Watch the rest of our interview with Paris Stanford above. Stanford vs. Begosso will be played this Friday exclusively in the UFC Fight Pass.

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