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Pase should be massaged. It will then become soft and silky smooth. Don’t forget 1 ingredient

Creamy, soft pâté is an indispensable element of the holiday feast. We are happy to reach for more pieces, but only when it melts in the mouth. how to get this exact effect.

As many houses, as many pie recipes. Everyone has their favorite, but there is one thing in common. It should be fluffy and smooth, only then it has a great taste. When each piece crumbles like a piece of cloth, it takes away the pleasure of tasting it.

The most popular pâtés we make for the holidays are poultry, rabbit, venison or duck pâtés. There is no shortage of ideas for plant-based flavor lovers either. Bean pâté, zucchini pâté or celery pâté are just a few of the offerings.

In order to get a light and delicate mass for the paste, you should pay attention to 2 things. First of all, it is necessary to separate the yolks from the proteins. Add the bun dipped in the broth and the egg yolk to the minced meat and vegetables. Mix thoroughly to combine the ingredients. At this moment, add the whipped proteins to the mixture and mix again. And here comes the second important rule. In order not to damage the structure of the foam, and so that the mass acquires lightness and creamy consistency, it should be kneaded for a long time and gently. So that everything merges into a homogeneous and creamy mass. That is why they say that pate should be massaged.

Only when you make sure that the mass is perfectly massaged, you can put it in the pan and bake it according to the recipe.

What liver to choose for pate?

The best meat paste cannot be made without liver. Which one to choose to take advantage of its valuable features?

The most common is pork liver. It is also the healthiest because it contains almost twice as much iron as other livers and is also a very valuable source of vitamin D. The popular chicken liver is rich in folic acid. Unfortunately, it contains a lot of cholesterol. In addition to vitamin D, beef liver contains the highest content of vitamins B2 and B12 of all livers and contains the least cholesterol. Calf liver contains a lot of zinc and vitamin A. Rabbit offal is also great for pâté.

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