Passengers can request compensation for the costs of the flight attendant strike

Airmen are demanding wage adjustment by INPC, 5% real wage increase and improvement of working conditions.

Administrator Ivan Rosatto left Milan for Brazil last night (19) and since then has had a series of delays and canceled flights en route. This Tuesday morning (20) he was at Congonhas airport waiting for a flight to Navegantes in Santa Catarina. The flight is expected to depart at 13:30 for the final destination of Rosato.

“I left Italy and several flights were canceled after leaving there. I went to Munich, from there to Frankfurt [ambas cidades na Alemanha], then Guarulhos, then my ticket was booked here for Congonas. I got here and they were saying it’s Guarulhos and I’m on it. But I already said. “I will not leave here again and you will find a way to put me on a plane from here because I will not go back to Guarulhos” so I stayed here waiting. [o voo] For navigators.”

The flight to Santa Catarina was scheduled for 9:35am and was rescheduled for 1:30pm. “I’ve been like this for a day, super tired and waiting here. But if it’s the other way around, for example if we arrive 10 minutes late, we miss the flight. now they [as companhias aéreas] they do what they want. I had a flight that left at 9:35 in the morning, they didn’t want to board me, and they threw me out until 1:30 p.m.,” Rosatto lamented.

The administrator said that he keeps all the proofs of the expenses incurred during the trip with him in order to ask for compensation later. “I want to make a notification because I can’t leave it like that. It is very disrespectful to the consumer. Tickets are not cheap for you to have this kind of service.”

Self-employed Josefa María de Almeida, 73, arrived at Congonas airport around 8am, fearing delays caused by the strike. “The 12:30 flight to Fortaleza has not yet been confirmed on the flight panel. My daughter follows. I’m going to visit Ceara because I was born there and I left when I was a child and never came back. I hope it will work out and I can go.”

Accommodating and respecting the weekend

The pilots are demanding a salary adjustment by the INPC, a 5% real pay rise and better working conditions, including respect for scheduled breaks, which the category assessment says are not being met.

According to the National Union of Aeronautics (SNA), there was greater adherence to the category strike on this second consecutive day of strike action. The movement takes place at the airports of Congonas (Sao Paulo), Guarulhos (SP), Viracopos (Campinas, SP), Galeão (Rio de Janeiro), Santos Dumont (Rio de Janeiro), Confines (Belo Horizonte), Porto Alegre. Brazil and power.


“We have a fair request, a reasonable request, obviously we’re talking about inflation restructuring, but we’re talking about a lot more, we’re talking about respect for our vacation and recreation, and this has to be addressed at some point.” , said SNA President Henry Hecklander.

Passenger Orientation

The Procon-SP Foundation clarifies that, although it does not cause inconvenience, it is the responsibility of the airline or travel agency to provide all assistance to minimize inconvenience to passengers. The Consumer Protection Authority recommends that before traveling to the airport, the traveler contacts the airline to check the status of the flight. This orientation is also reinforced by Infraero.

According to Procon, in case of delay or cancellation, the passenger has the right to:

  • advance information on flight cancellation through service channels available from airlines;
  • travel with priority on the next airline boarding on the same route;
  • be referred to another company for free.
  • get a refund on behalf of the company or even stay in a hotel. If the consumer is at his home, the company must only offer transportation to his home and from there to the airport;
  • compensation or proportionate reduction for any pecuniary damage caused by the delay, such as loss of per diem, tours and connections;
  • claim compensation from the court system if you understand that the delay has caused you some moral damage (did not arrive on time for a work meeting, wedding, etc.).

All these opportunities must be guaranteed without compromising the free access to food, means of communication and transport. The consumer must keep proof of any expenses incurred as a result of the delay and/or cancellation, such as phone calls, food, accommodation, etc.


Procon-SP also advises the consumer to seek out the person responsible for civil aviation inside the airport or at the company’s departure point of sale to verify the proposed solutions. If you cannot solve it directly with the company, you should look for a consumer protection agency in your city.

According to Agência Brasil

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