Paste text into Word without formatting

By default, Microsoft Word attempts to preserve text styles copied from a source outside of Word. If you don’t need to manually remove formatting information after pasting text into Word, you can have Word paste text from an external source that is not formatted by default.

In this example, we copied text from an article on the Help Desk Geek website. Highlight the text, right-click the text and choose the option from the pop-up menu copy of 🇧🇷

When we pasted the text into Word, the article’s formatting was retained.

Word Paste as text only

To preview text only when copying from an external source insertchoose options on the tab File 🇧🇷

Click on the dialog Word Options click the button on the left panel advanced 🇧🇷

Scroll down to the section Cut, copy and paste 🇧🇷 Choose you in the drop-down list option text only per Paste from other programs 🇧🇷 You can change any of them as you like, but the default values ​​should work fine for most users.

click in OKto accept your changes and the dialog Word options too to switch off.

Copy the text from the external source again and paste it into Word. The text is entered without formatting.

A WARNING: These settings do not affect text already copied to the clipboard. After changing these settings, you will need to copy the desired text again before pasting it into Word. Now you don’t have to copy everything to Notepad before copying it from there to Word. Appreciate!

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