Pastor arrested for raping 14-year-old stepdaughter in Manaus

Posted by Carol Dias on March 31, 2023 at 3:29 pm

The Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM), through the police station specialized in the protection of children and adolescents (Depca), arrested this Friday (31.3.) a 57-year-old pastor for the crime of rape of a vulnerable person committed against his own stepdaughter, a teenager who was a teenager at the time of the crime was 14 years old. The crime took place in April 2015 in the neighborhood of Santa Etelvina, north of Manaus.

According to Police Chief Joyce Coelho, Head of the Police Station Specialized in the Protection of Children and Adolescents (Depca), she said that the investigations began in 2015, after the victim’s mother went to the police station to report the case.

The woman told the police that she woke up at dawn on the day of the crime and that she missed her husband. While looking for him around the house, she found the suspect in the teenage girl’s room sexually abusing her.

On the same day, the woman left the house together with the young woman and asked for measurements.

According to the police, the victim was interviewed and reported that the man had already sexually assaulted her on other occasions. “He even threatened her and said that he was doing this because his family would receive many blessings,” the police said.

The victim was also subjected to a physical examination and referred to the Service for Victims of Sexual Violence (SAVVIS).

The police reported that in the court proceedings it was not established that the pasture was threatened. I. the specialized court for criminal offenses against the sexual dignity of children and youth issued an order,

After an investigation, a man was located and arrested this Friday around 9 am in the Santa Etelvina neighborhood, in the northern zone of Manaus.


A man is accused of raping a vulnerable person. He will be forwarded to a detention hearing and will be available to the judiciary.

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