Pastor rejects criticism of Dreverman’s appearance in Dorsten

Eugene Dreverman
Saint Agatha

Theologian Eugen Drevermann will speak at St. Agatha’s on Tuesday (February 7). © photo alliance / dpa/dpaweb

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When Catholic theologian Eugen Drevermann appears at St. Agatha’s on Tuesday night (February 7), it will be all about theological issues. “That’s why I invited him,” says Pastor Dr. Stefan Rudiger. “I have known him and his theological context for a long time and found it appropriate to contrast the current structural process of formation of pastoral areas with a spiritual lecture.”

The visit of the eminent theologian also caused critical tones yesterday, as Dreverman has been showing a politically prominent behavior in recent times. “I reject NATO because it is the worst attacking army in the history of the world and because it has systematically destroyed the possibility of ending the Cold War in 1989,” is one of his statements, with which he recently made a big noise. Even the Corona-era lectures, which were sometimes held in the company of prominent and dangerous fringe thinkers and crown deniers like Ken Jebsen, had a rather surprising tone.

“About Medicine and Salvation”

In these matters, Stefan Rüdiger does not openly share the views of the highly regarded professor in theological matters. However, there were no reasons for the invitation. “I believe that he can add emphasis to our community with his deep psychological approach and existential interpretation of the Bible.”

Dreverman’s lecture is called “On Medicine and Salvation – What Jesus has to say to us today” and starts at 7 pm at St. Agatha’s Church.

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