PAT announces JOB vacancies in Americana – Sao Paulo

Designated positions are subject to change and may be filled or changed at any time

In Sao PauloThe: Americana City Hall through Employee Service Center (PAT) announces the opening of new vacancies for professionals at various levels of education and training.

Check out the features below:

General Services Assistant – No Experience
Textile Machine Operator – Experienced
Munck operator – experienced
Janitor – Experienced
Receptionist – No experience
Personnel Department Assistant – Experienced
Cleaning assistant – no experience
Treadmill – No experience
Car Polisher – Experienced

About PAT

Workers’ Service Centers (PATs) are the service network of the São Paulo state government, which concentrates free services to the population, being reference centers for public policy to create jobs and income. They are present in all regions of the state including Pupatempo subdivisions.

PAT units provide information and guidance to workers and assist employers in their search for professionals, among other services, by matching both job seekers and job vacancies.


Three main characteristics of employees and partners

  1. INTELLIGENCE. A good employee must be flexible and agile in decision making. Employees must know how to respond quickly and efficiently to their responsibilities without harming the work of the team and the company.
  2. INITIATIVE: Active expression of opinions and ideas is a necessary condition for excellent employees. Those who are willing and determined to participate and even lead the changes and actions of the company show their desire to cooperate with the development of the business.
  3. Flexibility. Just as companies must become more and more flexible, good employees must also possess the trait of flexibility. Since they will deal with different cultures and different situations during their careers, they need to be flexible and always open to change if they need to change a project, activity, program or even positioning.

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Those who wish to apply for one of the vacant positions can register at the official email address of the Republic of Armenia American City Hall and register for the job you want.

It should be remembered that the vacancies offered are subject to change and may be supplemented or changed at any time. Don’t waste time and guarantee your registration right now.

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