payments start next week; see the calendar

payments from Brazil’s aid of 600 BRL of the month of December starts with 12. The release of money is done according to a calendar according to the social identification number (start) of citizens and beneficiaries with NIS ending with 1 (one) are the first to receive. The last payment will be on December 23 for those with a final NIS of 0 (zero).

Families will be able to consult installment information in the applications Brazil’s help AND the box has or from telephone 111🇧🇷 Amounts can be transferred through the Caixa Tem application, without having to go to an agency to withdraw funds.

Beneficiaries can also use Assistance card in Brazil to make purchases in commercial establishments through the debit function and to make withdrawals at self-service terminals, lottery points, Caixa Aqui correspondents, in addition to Caixa branches.

Through the Caixa Tem application, it is possible to make purchases in supermarkets, bakeries, pharmacies and other institutions with the Auxílio Brasil virtual debit card and QR Code, through more than nine million card machines spread throughout Brazil.

In addition, the beneficiary can also make transfers through PIX, in addition to paying for water, electricity, telephone, gas and bills in general through the application itself or at lottery points.

Using the Caixa Tem app, you can also make withdrawals at Casas Lotericas, Caixa Aqui Korrespondents and self-service terminals, generating a token directly in the app.

Brazil Aid Calendar – December 2022

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