PDT elects Roberto Claudio to Ceará government and questions alliance with PT

The PDT this Monday (18) chose Roberto Claudio as the party’s pre-election candidate for the Ceará government. While not a break with PT, the choice represents a shake-up in the relationship between the pedestrians and PT in a local alliance that has lasted 16 years. The PT’s favorite for the Palacio da Abolição has been current governor Isolda Cela (PDT).

A close ally of presidential candidate Ciro Gómez (PDT), former Fortaleza mayor Roberto Claudio was elected in an internal vote of 55 to 29, according to Ceara’s PDT president, federal deputy Andre Figueiredo. The formalization should take place on July 24, the date set by the party for the convention.

PDT’s intention is to have a name in Ceará, the electoral base of Ciro Gómez, who is closer to the party’s national leadership and Planalto’s pre-election candidate, because Isolda, even for being married to Veveu Arruda (PT), is considered; a PT abbreviation.

In other words, the PDT wants to make sure that Ciro Gómez does not have to share the platform with someone who can also look favorably on former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) in the Planalto Palace.

On the social network, Izolda wrote that she “respects the decision of PDT”. “I will stand firm, strong and courageous, honoring my mandate and working hard for our Ceara. Always with respect and truth. The fight continues.”

Given the differences between the parties, former Senator Eunisio Oliveira (MDB-CE) met with former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) this Monday in São Paulo, along with other Emedebista leaders. Eunisio went to the meeting with the intention of seeking Lula’s blessing to be the PT’s candidate for provincial power, the report said.

In 2018, when he was the president of the Senate, Eunisio could not be re-elected as a member of the chamber.

There is still no candidate for deputy governor appointed by PDP. The intention of the party leadership is to try to build unity with PA and other parties in Ceara before the party congress.

Former Ceará Governor Camilo Santana, for example, is one of the most cited names in the Senate, unless there is a rift between the PDT and the PT. Isolde was Santana’s deputy and favorite name in the race for governor of the state.

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