Pele improves health and family celebrates evolution

This Tuesday, the 6th, was an exciting day for fans and relatives of King Pele. According to a medical bulletin released by Albert Einstein Hospital, the former soccer player is showing gradual improvement in his respiratory infection.

The news was celebrated with great fanfare, as there were reports that Pele was no longer responding to hospital treatments, and Albert Einstein assured:

“The patient continues to develop with a progressive improvement in his general condition, especially the respiratory infection. He remains in the common room with stable vital signs, conscious and without further complications,” the hospital said in a statement.

Strong and hopeful

On his Instagram profile, Pele said on Saturday, the 3rd, that he is “strong”, “with great hope” and following the “usual attitude”.

“My friends, I want to keep everyone calm and positive. I am strong, hopeful and following my treatment as usual. I want to thank the entire medical and nursing team for all the care they gave me,” he wrote.

This Monday the 5th, the former player posted again on social media, but this time it was alongside former player Zito in 1958. the world championship. And it worked.

After the match, Pele also thanked the tribute received from the Brazilian team. “A mixture of lightness and happiness. They made my day very happy,” he wrote.

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In front of Vigil Hospital

Torcida Jovem do Santos called members and football fans to vigil in front of the hospital. “The king never loses his majesty,” he said in the publication.

During Brazil’s match against Cameroon last Friday, the crowd at World Cup host Qatar Stadium held up a banner in tribute to the king of football, wishing the athlete a speedy recovery.

On Thursday (1st), Pele’s Instagram profile posted a photo thanking him for yet another honor in Qatar.

“Friends, I’m at the hospital doing my monthly visit. It’s always nice to receive such positive messages. Thank you Qatar for this tribute and to everyone who sends me good vibes.”

Pele has been hospitalized since November 29 at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo for a re-evaluation of chemotherapy treatment for a colon tumor diagnosed in September 2021.

We’re still rooting for you king!

Players pay tribute to Pele – Photo: reproduction

Fans also respect the king of football - Photo: reproduction

Fans also pay tribute to the king of football – Photo: reproduction

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