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Pele’s widow refuses to be an executor

Photo: Patrinha Sobrinho/Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein

Marcia Aoki (pictured right), widow of Pele (pictured left), has decided to step down as administrator of the soccer king’s estate. Former player Edinho, his son, has been nominated to fill the position.

The decision was announced by the lawyers of the parties after a meeting held on Thursday (9).. According to Augusto Milioli, who represents Edinho, Kelly Nascimento and Jennifer Nascimento; a joint petition was filed demanding that the former gatekeeper take responsibility for the inventory. the time The document also contains the resignation of the widow.

Edinho needs the approval of justice to be officially confirmed as executor. As we have shown, he The first request was dismissed by Judge Susana Pereira da Silva of the 2nd Family and Probate Court of Santos after a request by the children’s representatives. The judge argued that Pele was married and therefore the widow was first in line of succession. “There is no need to talk about appointing the son as an executor.”– he said in the judgment.

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