Pensioner repairs wheelchairs and donates CE to needy people

There are people who are truly angels. A pensioner from Fortaleza uses his free time and repairs wheelchairs to donate to the needy in Ceara with disabilities. 60-year-old Ivo Francisco Ferreira de Souza does everything himself and says he enjoys helping people.

He mines the material himself to repair the chairs, solicits donations of tools, and crafts them piece by piece with the greatest care and love in the world.

“Don’t ask him for anything. Everything he earns from donations, he uses to fix chairs and donate to the needy. Plus, it still helps stray animals. Seu Ivo is a wonderful person,” Cristina Silva of Semeando Amor Group told Só Notícia Boa, who shared a video of the elderly man on Instagram. (see below)

doing good

Those who know Mr. Ivo Francisco say that he was always supportive. The elderly man participated in several social actions and after retirement started repairing discarded wheelchairs and bathroom chairs.

“I see people using it after it gets old [a cadeira], goes to the trash. Then I take it, repair it, and those who can’t buy one of those chairs take it here at home,” said the elderly man.

According to Cristina Silva, the pensioner does not earn anything and even takes the little earned to buy material. What he doesn’t get from donations, he buys, but the chair is not repaired.

animal protector

Christina told that her Ivo, in addition to helping people in need, also started doing something for abandoned animals.

“He has set up a pole and when a puppy or a puppy falls into the pits near his house, he goes there and rescues them,” the volunteer said.

His video caught the attention of netizens who praised the elderly man’s attitude. “It’s not even people. That’s an angel,” said one follower.

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How to help?

Your Ivo needs materials and tools to continue this very important volunteer work.

The materials he uses today to fix the chairs he earned and the tools he got through donations are very old.

Therefore, the solidarity network only good news is from Only Good Kitty Go help this generous gentleman.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched to buy all the materials he needs to fix the chairs erected at Sev Ivo’s house, which could greatly help those in need.

So shall we go?

Donate to crowdfunding by PIX ivo-cadeiras@sovaquinhaboa.com.br: or by credit card directly on the Só Vaquinha Boa platform, by clicking here.

We continue to walk together!

And for just R$ 1 you can actually help transform this story, you know?

Also help by sharing with your friends and family.

In addition to fixing chairs, seo Ivo also helps abandoned animals – Photo: personal archive

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