People protest after a young man was shot by police in Rio

Neighbors and acquaintances of the young man set fire to it and built barricades, which caused a huge traffic jam.

Residents set it on fire and barricaded the neighborhood in protest.

The death of a young man this Monday, on the 18th, caused a large protest of residents, in some streets of Lapa, in the early hours of the evening, in Rio de Janeiro. The boy, identified as Emanuel Ramos, was shot by a civilian police officer inside a large house on Rua Joaquim Silva. THE Civil police by means of a note, he informs that the young man reacted to an approach, which was denied by the residents and people who passed by at that moment. A replica of a firearm was found with Emanuel Ramos. Neighbors and acquaintances of the young man protested, setting fire to barricades on the main streets of Lapa, which forced the closure of traffic and caused heavy congestion in the area, very busy in the late afternoon and the route for dozens of bus lines. . Military Police were called in to disperse the protests and had to use stun grenades and tear gas.

The expertise of the Civil Police went to the scene, but the body of the young man was sent by his family members to the hospital. Some people shouted that it was a crime of racism. According to the Civil Police, the victim had a criminal record and a second suspect managed to escape. “According to the 5th DP (Mem de Sá), police officers were in the process of executing an arrest warrant in Lapa, when a man – with several criminal records and an open arrest warrant – reacted, was shot and died. A firearm simulator was seized from the criminal. A second suspect fled. The Homicide Commissariat in the capital has been notified and the incident is ongoing”, the police announcement states.

*With information from Agência Brasil

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