People with disabilities come out with a manifesto in favor of Lula

According to the participants of the action, Bolsonaro’s government, which will be re-elected, will present a false access policy.

Monica Bergamo
Sao Paulo-SP

A group of people with disabilities from different parts of the country will release a video this Friday (21) in which they express their support for the candidacy of former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT).

“People with disabilities from different states of Brazil speak with scales and Portuguese. we stand with Lula for life, the right to learn, SUS. I am voting for Lula for respect for people, for inclusive education, for access to higher education,” the article reads.

According to the participants of the action, the government of re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro (LH) will present a false policy of accessibility for the population.

The manifesto highlights that the representative’s leadership drafted a decree delaying the deadline for canceling the election of the National Council on Disability Rights and making movie theater accessibility resources available.

Participants also recall the episode when Bolsonaro got angry and pushed back a Libras translator accompanying him at a PL event.

“We have suffered many attacks in this government. All the progress we’ve made has gone backwards. It hasn’t even stopped,” says performer and video artist Estela Laponi, who created the video with teacher Daina Leighton.


Laponi says the initiative was created after Senator Mara Gabrieli (PSDB-SP) announced that she would vote blank in the second round of this year’s presidential elections.

“Everyone is very tired and disgusting. To have a person with disabilities as a representative who does not understand the seriousness of the moment we live in is absurd. It shoots you in the leg,” says the man, who has hemiparesis, a stroke that affects half the body.

This week, another initiative called “Disabled People for Democracy” launched a petition in support of the Lula-Alkmin ticket. The letter already has more than 700 signatories.

“The protection of the rights of persons with disabilities won after decades of struggle requires full democracy and active participation of civil society,” the document says.


“Faced with the threat of authoritarian escalation against human and fundamental rights, especially against the disabled population, which is increasingly vulnerable and marginalized, especially the black contingent, we reaffirm our belief in the values ​​of democracy and inclusion in this second phase. presented only for Lula-Alkmin’s candidacy,” he concludes.

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