Perfect thirst quenchers and helpful tips

Sweat, keep a cool head, persevere and drink a lot. This is how you manage the days ahead. © Pixabay

Temperatures above 30 degrees – now is the time to drink. drink a lot We list refreshing ways to cool off and give you some useful tips to not get tired.

Summer 2022 is in full swing. In some days, the thermometer almost reaches four in the front. We’d be happy to send you out to explore the world, but for now the following applies: If you don’t drink too much now, you should expect headaches, dizziness, or even sunstroke. Our tips for fresh drinks are just what you need.

Throughout the day: water

The most popular drink in hot countries: tea

The simplest refreshment: spritzers

To compensate: isotonic drinks

The taste experience: homemade lemonades

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