PGR defends reversal of ruling ordering Deltan to compensate Lula for PowerPoint

After filing an appeal, Delta Dalianol’s defense reiterated that the press conference was held “to clarify the facts and legal issues” related to the appeal.

The General Prosecutor’s Office (PGR) defended this Friday, the 26th, that the Federal Supreme Court (STF) annulled the decision of the impeached deputy Deltan Dagliano (Podemos-PR) to pay President Luis Inacio Lula 75 thousand rials in moral damages. da Silva (PT) in the case of PowerPoint.

The body claims that the STF itself accepted in 2019 that public agents cannot be held legally liable for harm caused to third parties in the exercise of their functions, and that the responsibility in this case rests with the state.

“It is imperative to reform the appealed verdict by providing extraordinary measures to be analyzed,” said the deputy general prosecutor of the republic, Wagner Natal Batista, in a statement.

The verdict was delivered by the ministers of the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ). They concluded that there had been “excessive” disclosure of the complaint against Lula and that the former prosecutor had insulted the honor and reputation of the PA.

After filing an appeal, Delta Dalianol’s defense reiterated that the press conference was held to “clarify the facts and legal issues” surrounding the appeal.

“The collective interview subject of this claim was not something manufactured exclusively against Lula, but an institutionally coordinated way of publicizing the work of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office,” they argued.

The lawyers also stated that Daglianole, who at the time coordinated the Lava Jato task force in Paraná, acted according to the public prosecutor’s “regular” attributions.


Another defense argument is that the suit could not be brought against the former prosecutor and that any liability would fall to the state if convicted.

The National Association of Public Prosecutors (ANPR) also appealed in favor of Dalianol. The organization stated that it is obliged to “ensure the independent activities of its members”.

“The mere fact of proceeding against Deltan as an individual, rather than against the institution of which he is a part, has harmful consequences for the freedom of all members of that category who are threatened in the course of their activities. , with the possibility of suing on their behalf, for the fulfillment of the minus given to them by the state,” ANPR argues.

The resource rapporteur is Minister Carmen Lucia. It is up to him to decide whether to cancel the refund or not.


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