Photovoltaic turns off for no reason? We know why it does this and how to fix the problem with photovoltaic panels

Today, photovoltaic devices can be found on the roofs of many Polish houses. Relatively often, owners of photovoltaic panels complain that the installation shuts down automatically. Fortunately, the cause of the problem is known, and the solution is often just a short call away.


The automatic shutdown of photovoltaics most often occurs on sunny days, when the installation should work best. As experts from Columbus Energy SA explain, the reason is prosaic – mains voltage too high. When the energy generated by the panels is not used regularly, its excess goes into the grid. On sunny days, in an area where there are many installations and the power grid has not been modernized for a long time, there can be so much additional electricity that the voltage exceeds safe values.

– If the mains voltage approaches 253 volts, the inverter will significantly reduce production, and when this voltage is exceeded, it will shut down completely and will not work until the mains voltage returns to normal. This does not mean failure, on the contrary (…). If the inverter continued to operate during this time, the voltage in the network could rise to dangerous values, damaging the most sensitive electronics in our homes – explains Piotr Trojanowski, Field Implementation Manager at Columbus Energy SA

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