PicPay offers foreign exchange purchases and international transfers


PicPay (Android, iOS) has added an international exchange and transfer platform to its app. This means, its users will be able to buy foreign currencies and send and receive money from overseas accounts.

The innovation is the result of a partnership with Câmbio Online.

The new functionality is gradually becoming available to all users with full registration in the application and will be visible in the “Portfolio” tab, in the “Exchange” option.

Users will be able to buy paper money from more than 20 countries. Delivery will be by shipment or can be done at ATMs, by withdrawal for dollars and euros. Other options are payments with the balance in the wallet or on the card in cash or in installments.

The process of sending money to another country is also initiated within the PicPay application. But then he turns to the Câmbio Online platform. There the user must fill in the desired value and select the destination country. The simulator will then show the converted value and then simply complete the transfer.

To receive from abroad, simply inform the payer of the IBAN number (international bank account number).

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