Pink Floyd. The Dark Side Of The Moon celebrates its 50th anniversary

You might not know the Dark Side of the Moon by name, but I bet you’ve seen the prism image with the rainbow color and black background, right? He is a rock legend produced by Pink Floyd.

It’s arguably the British band’s most famous album and celebrates its 50th anniversary this March. It is released to mark the date a keepsake box set that includes CD, vinyl of the original remastered recording and an LP of the band’s landmark show at the Wembley Empire. Inexplicable!

“We are now in the process of finalizing the final mix. It turned out really great and I’m excited for everyone to hear it. It does not replace the original, which, of course, is irreplaceable. But it is a way for a seventy-nine-year-old man to look back fifty years into the eyes of a twenty-nine-year-old man and say, quoting my poem about my father: “We did our best. We kept your trust. Our father would be proud of us.”

Roger Waters’ words about the new mix being prepared for the album in a video posted on YouTube yesterday, March 2. (see below)

The album

The album is one of the most diverse and original stories in music. In England alone, it is estimated that one in five homes has this drive. With more than 30 million copies sold worldwide, Dark Side of the Moon even won a behind-the-scenes book.

The iconic cover was created by designer Storm Torgerson and is known worldwide for its beam of light that passes through a prism and creates a rainbow.

The band’s then-keyboardist Rick Wright stated that when Dark Side was formed, the band seemed very close. “This was a creative period. We were all very open,” said the musician.

The album remains the third best-selling album of all time, behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller and AC/DC’s Back in Black.

Recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios, honored by the Beatles, the album’s tracks are written in such a way that they come together over its 42 minutes to reach a unique and incredible ending.

The Dark Side of the Moon has charted more than nine hundred times on the Billboard 200, a chart that ranks the best-selling albums and EPs in the United States.

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The Wizard of Oz

One of the most popular theories about the album of the British group is the mystery of the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.

Although the band members deny it to this day, it’s impossible not to notice the synchronicity between the film and the album.

When you press play on the vinyl, as soon as the MGM logo appears on the film, the sound of the film images and the songs on the disc ends, in super weird synchronicities.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is a British rock band formed in 1965. The band gained worldwide recognition for a unique musical style that blended psychedelic and progressive music.

Lyrics full of philosophical analogies and political criticism are also prominent features of the English band.

Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon 50 years ago. It is the third best-selling album in the world. Photo: Reproduction/Genial Culture.

Check out Roger Waters’ remix of the album on Youtube this week:

According to RadioRock

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