Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio grape wines offer versatility in pairings; MEET

When grown in cold climates, for example, they tend to be light, delicate, with fruity aromas and floral notes; when produced in warmer regions, they tend to be fuller and more acidic.

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Pinot Grigio is an excellent white wine choice for our tropical climate.

Whether by French or Italian designation, GRAPE Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio wine is of Gallic origin and is the result of crossing Pinot Noir with Pinot Blanc, grown in Burgundy and Alsace. It is a white grape variety that, surprisingly, has a slightly darker color than the more familiar white grape. Italians, also because of migratory currents, especially those from the north Ital, Veneto and Friulli, is what made it known around the world, so much so that the name “Pinot Grigio” is dominant in the world. From Italy, the largest producers of Pinot Grigio wines are mainly concentrated in the regions of Trentino and Friuli, in the northeast of the country. From there come the labels with the most delicate, lemony, light and refreshing aromas; in Italy, such grapes are often harvested early to preserve their acidity WINE.

When grown in cool climates, for example, wines tend to be light, delicate, with fruity aromas and floral notes. When produced in warmer regions, the wines tend to be fuller and more acidic. It is worth noting that Pinot Gris wines, produced in France, are usually fruity wines, full-bodied and with pronounced aromas, compared to Italian ones. In the New World, one of the most important countries in the cultivation of Pinot Grigio is the United States. In the California region, for example, you can find wines labeled Pinot Gris, which has a fuller-bodied style like in Alsace, and also wines labeled Pinot Grigio, which is the lighter and fresher style. In Oregon, the grape has adapted very well and has become one of the most widely planted whites, and its wines follow the Pinot Gris style. Another region where the variety is popular is in Washington state, being the third most planted white grape.

In addition to this productive characteristic of North America, it is important to note that it is also possible to find excellent Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris grape labels in countries such as Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Brazil. The freshness and acidity of the wines of the grape variety, when vinified with Italian characteristics, allow a unique versatility in pairings, matching well with light dishes such as salads, fish and seafood in general. Pinot Grigio wines can also go very well with pasta, poultry, lean meats and various cheeses. As it is a white color with acidity and freshness, it is recommended to be served refreshed and drunk young, which does not prevent its choice in the cellar for several years, starting from the vintage.

I will suggest a few wines from this variety, starting with La Bellanotte – Pinot Grigio, a Friulian wine that goes well with white cheeses and pizza. Fantinel Borgo Tesis Pinot Grigio Doc Friuli is light, fresh, fruity, with a touch of flowers and a good finish. Arte De Argento Pinot Grigio, Argentinian, is very well priced and delicate, with fruity notes and ripe flavors, where apricots and peaches stand out, going very well with poultry. The national one, Miolo Reserva Pinot Grigio, is ideal as an aperitif and can also accompany salads, fish, white meat and pasta. Finally, Villa Cardeto is a Pinot Grigio from Umbria IGP, it has a medium to full body, quite convincing, that goes very well with the simplest shellfish, molluscs and crustaceans. Pinot Grigio is an excellent white wine choice for our tropical climate. Hello!

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