Pitbull comforts baby better than dad, video of the two goes viral

Some pets “think” better than we do. A female pit bull has gone viral on social media for soothing a baby better than the baby’s father.

Worried about his human brother, 1 year and 10 month old dog, Akira was able to calm little Bernardo, 6 months old, by just laying his head next to him.33:

Seeing the scene, the mother of two, Esther Silveira, ran to record the tender and cute moment. “He [Akira] likes to put his head next to her, and most of the time it works and the baby stops crying,” said the mother.

fraternal “Aumor”

As Akira and Bernardo’s relationship develops since the baby was in Esther’s womb, the “love” between the two grows stronger day by day.

Esther already considers Akira to be the child’s official protector and is at ease when the dog follows her son.

“Akira was always very sensitive to what was going on around me. When he started to feel his blows, he always nuzzled my stomach, in the same direction he hit,” she said.

dog fever

Esther says that Akira was there for her and her husband, Andre William, when her mother miscarried before Bernardo was born.

“I’ve had a miscarriage before, and when that happened during the physical and emotional pain, he always put his head on my stomach,” she said.

to marryWhen Esther became pregnant again, the pit bull felt that there was a baby in her belly. “Months later, when I was pregnant again, he latched onto my belly again,” she said.

Akira always slept with his parents and didn’t go outside even with the arrival of his new little brother. The little dog is treated like a real daughter. How sweet!

“Even at that size he always slept snuggled up with us, now after Bernardo came the only thing I did was buy a bigger bed so the four of us could be comfortable,” she declared.

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A new routine

When Bernardo was born, instead of removing Akira from childcare, the couple decided to include him. For Bzik, the routine was simply tailored.

“On the first day when we got home with Bernardo, we didn’t let him have too much access, but because of me, because I was having an operation and he missed me, it was rough and it caused me a little bit. pain,” Esther remembers.

Currently, Akira and Bernardo are each other’s loyal soldiers. In a TikTok video shared on the couple’s profile, the dog appears to be leaning on the child, as if protecting it.

“When she’s on the couch, she always lies on the edge, and when she rolls over, he always covers her so she doesn’t fall. Their relationship is a relationship of love for each other,” he says.

How cute is the “sif” between brothers, isn’t it? Yes Yes՜

The video has impressed social media users with over 5 million views. – Photo: Disclosure/Amo Meu Pet


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