Pixel 6a cannot distinguish fingerprints. Shame!

Google’s latest smartphone has a problem that is unlikely to be found in mid-range devices. In fact, even in devices of the lowest class, it should not be present.

Pixel 6a cannot recognize the fingerprint correctly

fingerprint reader. The smartphone component that has become an almost indispensable part of modern Android phones just has to work well. With it we unlock the screen, confirm payments and log in to banking applications. Now really imagine it Anyone can unlock your smartphone with their own fingerprint. In such a scenario, it would be pointless to “protect” it with a fingerprint scanner. This is exactly the case in some of the new pieces Google Pixel 6a.

Google Pixel 6a (Source: Google)

More and more reviews of the new smartphone model cheaper than the flagship are appearing on the Internet Pixel6. And there are other signs that there is a serious problem in the component used by Google or the software that manages it.

Spring smartphone you can unlock the screen with an unregistered fingerprint pattern. For example a tester Beebom He used the thumbs of two of his team members and the smartphone read their fingerprints and unlocked access to the device – even though their fingerprints had not been previously registered. In other words, the scanner is not working as it should. The same test with similar results was also carried out by other testers.

Shame and embarrassment, Google

There’s no way I can trust a device that can’t correctly distinguish my fingerprints from someone else’s. Although I don’t know how Google made sure that the defect that doesn’t appear on all copies occurs Pixel 6aIt is quickly repaired again, the disgust remains until the end.

When I read about the next hits of Google smartphone users, I have flashbacks from Vietnam when I was the owner Pixel 3a. An ingenious smartphone with a great camera, but at the same time with such annoying bugs in the software that forced me to switch devices. I can only imagine how disappointed the owners of the new one will be Pixel 6aif the above defect persists.

Google can avoid image consequences if it reacts quickly enough. Fortunately, the problem is not the result of improper construction. Apparently, the matter can be corrected with a corresponding correction in the software. It is not self-igniting Galaxy Note 7from which the mobile phone industry is tearing Samsung out to this day.

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