Pixel 7 and 7 Pro in Poland? They don’t make much sense right now

The latest Google devices are praised in most foreign reviews. Either because of the options (7 Pro) or because of the great price/performance ratio (7). Only in Poland they can’t spread their wings and lose about half of their magic.

Google clearly had no idea about its smartphones for a long time. He was a perfect example of the truth of the saying that a cobbler walks without shoes. With the fastest, automatic access to all new features and subsequent updates, the Android owner could not use this to his advantage. He couldn’t, or didn’t want to, because he had other, better sources of profit. And the smartphone market is not simple. You have to apply yourself to it, you have to invest not only in “hardware” but also in promotion because the competition is high. It is about customers not buying what is best, but what they think is best. And that’s a big difference.

Six new beginnings

Google tried it for a few years, then apparently gave up and finally started to approach the topic seriously from Series 6. So we have annual premieres, three consistently developed product lines (basic, for aa), its own processor (made in cooperation with Samsung). Quite good sales results follow. But here comes problem number one. Because the company’s devices are said to be available globally, but not in all markets. We can officially buy Pixels in 17 European countries, but Poland is unfortunately not on the list.

Limited availability

Sure, it’s not a problem these days, you can order devices in one of the online stores with delivery to our country. But this time it’s not a purchase. We are talking about services – which Google supports in countries with official distribution. That is, for example, about 5G, which simply does not work here on these smartphones. It may not be a huge problem at the moment, but it is for some and it will start to do so over time as the range increases. It will be similar with VoWiFi and VoLTE services – again a very serious shortcoming for many.

The warranty will also be a problem. Its implementation – if we bought the smartphone officially – will take longer, because we will have to send it back to the country from which we imported it. If we bought a second-hand smartphone and did not pay attention to the proof of purchase – we are in trouble. In general, the problems will be greater than in the case of smartphones with Polish distribution.

The tensor is not perfect

There is another problem. Google uses a proprietary processor co-developed with Samsung from the 6 Series. Written “humanly”, the basis is Exynos, to which various “tricks” are added, such as machine learning – which is supposed to be the main advantage of Tensor 2 from Pixel 7. Simply, Tensors are manufactured in a 5 nm technological process, while the top Snapdragons – in 4 nm So again translated into common language – they have lower energy requirements. And it shows. One of the basic comments about the Pixel 6 was the heating of the processor even under light load – and this is a condition known from Samsung. The Pixel 7 is better, but still not perfect. I know this because I use it and from time to time the smartphone can heat up under a little higher load. And moving on – the battery life could be a little longer. Motorola edge 30 fusion with Snapdragon 888+ – i.e. by no means ideal, and with a slightly larger battery (4400 mAh vs 4355 mAh) was able to function noticeably longer.

It’s also about photos. Again – as a Pixel 4 and 4XL owner, I could speak highly of them. The quality of the photos was excellent, the portraits – crazy, and even though I pass through a lot of smartphones, I was (and still am) loyal to them, taking them consistently on vacations and all private trips. That’s why I expected 7 to please me. Unfortunately, nothing like that happened. The photos are fine, but nothing more. There is nothing in them that I can’t get from other manufacturers. It’s not bad, but the “WOW” effect is gone.

There are more disadvantages

And the last thing – an update. 3 major system updates are not uncommon in Android. Samsung is giving more because 4 in its top line was also recently promised by OnePlus. Three years for the device of the company responsible for the entire system is no fun in my opinion.

A little different than smartphones. After all, Google is an entire ecosystem. Google Home Assistant is very popular, but we will not serve it in Polish. I mean – you can speak Polish to your smartphone and it will understand us, but the Google homepage itself – not anymore. Again, there is no official Google support for Poland.

Therefore, I am afraid that until this happens, there is no point in investing in this company’s equipment. They are deficient in a sense. And the only thing that attracts is inaccessibility. The case will look different when Google decides to come to us with Pixels. Since their prices are quite competitive, looking at what is currently happening in the market. But for now – it’s fun for enthusiasts who may also be disappointed.

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