PL appoints Bolsonaro to commission overseeing Lula’s government

PA and Poland disputed the chairmanship due to the wear and tear the commission could cause in government

Cesar Feitosa, Victoria Azevedo and Taisa Oliveira

The LH (Liberal Party) won the internal dispute in the House and will take over the chairmanship of the Financial Inspection and Control Committee. The panel has the authority to summon ministers from all sectors of the government of Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) to provide clarifications.

The management of the commission was one of the main obstacles to the establishment of collegial bodies. PA and Poland disputed the chairmanship due to the wear and tear the commission could cause in government.

Internally, the Liberal Party appointed Bolsonaro MP Bia Kichis (PL-DF) as chairman of the Control Commission. His name, however, faces resistance from the power base.

Kicis will be officially approved only after the installation of the commission. The election of the president usually takes place by collegial voting, where internal arrangements are usually respected.

PT leaders told Folha de S.Paulo that although the LR will remain part of the Inspection Commission, the government will be organized so that it has a majority of parliamentarians in the collegium to avoid approving proposals inconvenient for the government.

According to the assessment of the leaders of the center heard in the report, the agreement of the LH to lead the commission could cause problems for Lula’s government. One of them claims with reservations that this is the defeat of the Planalto Palace, with the threat of constant summons of ministers.


Mayor Artur Lira (PP-AL) announced the commission’s agreement in a conversation with journalists this Tuesday (7). “LH has the right of first choice. Due to the contract, he refused the CC. [As demais comissões ficam] before [os partidos] understand each other,” he said.

Since being re-elected as the president of the House, Lira has been negotiating with all the parties in the House for the distribution of committee presidencies.

According to the rules of the House, the division is made according to the size of the parties’ benches. Most of the acronyms, however, formed a super bloc at the beginning of the year in support of Lira’s re-election, and negotiations for commissions had to be done through agreements. All parties except Novo, PSOL and Rede participate in the superblock.

The agreement stipulates that the PA will take over the chairmanship of the Constitution and Justice Committee, the most important in the House. The party has decided to nominate deputy Rui Falcao (PT-SP) for that role.


Folha had access to the draft that government leaders made this Tuesday, with the right divisions and commissions to which more than one party has shown interest.

The table predicts that the communications and sports committees should remain with Republicans. The PP plans to oversee the Consumer Protection and Roads and Transport Commissions; PSD wants tourism and disputes with Mines and Energy União Brasil; PDT wants to establish a National Integration and Regional Development Commission.

Having reached an agreement for Lira’s re-election, the super bloc parties negotiated at the beginning of the year to create five new commissions in the chamber. With the change, the House now has 30 collegiate members and the aim is to give at least one presidency to each party that supported Alago’s presidential campaign.

Despite progress toward separating the presidencies of the collegial bodies, House leadership remains divided over the leadership and reporting of the CMO (Joint Budget Committee), which is responsible for making adjustments to budget proposals.


União Brasil intends to have a rapporteur, but LA MPs argue that the party has the largest group and should have priority in electing a rapporteur. The installation of the CMO, however, will take place at another time, and the designation should not take place until April.

In the Senate, the parties defeated in the dispute between Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) and opposition leader Rogerio Marinho (PL-RN) will be without any of the 14 presidencies. . Installation is scheduled for this Wednesday (8).

Former Senate President Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL) won a clash against the PT bench and is set to run for the Foreign Affairs Committee presidency coveted by PT’s Humberto Costa (PT-PE).


The subject of complaints by his colleagues, Davi Alcolumbri (União Brasil-AP), also a former president of the Senate, should continue as president of the Constitution and Justice Commission, the most important in Congress, for another two years.


Already, the name of Senator Vanderlan Cardoso (PSD-GO) has to be approved for the chairmanship of the Committee on Economic Affairs, which is considered the second most relevant in the House of Representatives.

The agreement was closed between the parties that supported Pacheco or received the most votes: PSD, MDB, PT, União Brasil, PDT, PSB and Podemos.

Senators from the two governing blocs claim that the PL, PP and Republicans campaigned hard against Pacheco and risked being left without the chairmanship of the permanent commissions when they put forward the candidacy. They also say that one committee in the hands of the opposition is able to wear down the government.

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