PL formalizes Bolsonaro’s candidacy for re-election

The deputy will be the former Minister of Defense Walter Braga Netto; the ticket was approved at the party’s national convention with 204 votes

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This Sunday, the 24th, Liberal Party (PL) held its National Convention, where it formalized its presidential candidacy Jair Bolsonaro Presidency of the Republic. next to him, General Walter Braga Netto , the former Minister of Defense and Civil House, was introduced as an MP, closing the party’s ticket for re-election. The ticket was approved at the party’s national convention with 204 votes. The National Convention, which began at 11:00, is being held in a mega-event at the Maracanãzinho, in Rio de Janeiro, with the presence of around 10,000 people.

Since the early morning, when the gates of the stadium were opened, the atmosphere was one of anxiety for the participants. “The expectation is the highest possible. Brazilians have already elected Bolsonaro 2022. Blessed are the people whose God you are,” he said New pan one of the supporters, who traveled from Rio Grande do Sul to the capital of Rio de Janeiro. Most of the attendees carry Brazilian flags and wear green and yellow. Before the president’s arrival in the country, a video was broadcast to those present showing the actions taken by the Bolsonaro-Mourão ticket in the last three years. In this election, Vice President Hamilton Mourão is running for the Federal Senate for Rio Grande do Sul.

Before Bolsonaro’s arrival, a performance was held by the country’s duo Mateus and Cristiano. The main song played and sung by the participants was “Capitão do Povo”, which talks about Bolsonaro’s re-election, protecting his family and saving Brazil. “I believe in the myth, he is the one who protects the nation, he is the one who has our flag in his heart”, says the jingle, which reinforces the president’s main slogan: “Brazil above all, God above all”. A prayer was also made by the federal deputy Marco Feliciano.

Entry to the event was freed, without the need for a ticket, following a boycott movement promoted by netizens against the president, who encouraged the withdrawal of tickets online without the intention of attending the convention to empty it. Upon identifying the attempted boycott, the Liberal Party decided to grant access, without the need for prior reservations.

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