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More and more people have become addicted to Wordle, a word guessing game that puts our neurons to the test. A hobby that now also attracts the hearts of lovers of the so-called beautiful sport. In this post we will talk football Wordle, one of the most interesting and fun versions that challenge our knowledge about the world of football.

The game mechanics are practically the same as the classic Wordle. However, the words that are hidden and that we have to reveal are related to the world of football. As we will see below, there are games in which we have to find the name of the club, others in which we have to guess the players and other games in which the hidden word is a term related to this sport.

Football themed Wordle games

This is a small selection of the different Wordle football games that we can have fun with.


In this mode we have twelve attempts to guess the hidden player’s name. There are four fields to hit.

  • Demarcation (goalkeeper, defense, forward, etc.).
  • The name of the competition you play in (Spanish League, Premier League, Bundesliga, etc.).
  • Nationality of the player.
  • The club where he plays.

All this data appears in the try table when we select a player’s name in the list on the right. If they are marked in red, it means that they do not match the data corresponding to the hidden player. If they appear in green, it means they are a match, which helps us refine the search.

In the box example above, after three attempts, we already know that the player we are looking for is English and plays in the English league. All that remains is to hit the club and its position on the field. Interesting, isn’t it?

footidea developed Michael Pulis, contains several other guessing games worth trying. It includes players from five major European leagues (Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom and Germany) and is constantly updated to keep up with the pace of the transfer and transfer market. The truth is that its level of difficulty is slightly higher than traditional Wordle, but it will surely please football fans.

Reference: Footddle:

Who are you?

Who are you

The concept of this game is the same as Footdle. It consists of guessing the name of a football player from the Premier League, La Liga, Italian Serie A, Bundesliga or French Ligue 1. For that we have eight experiments.

Moreover, in Who are Ya? we can choose “Show Photo” to see a blurred image of the mysterious player or “Hide Photo” to have no further clues. After each attempt, the information of each category will appear, telling us whether we are on the right track or not.

While we only have eight opportunities to hit, we also have two more categories than Footdle to refine your search. In addition to nationality, team, competition and position on the field, we also have player’s age and jersey number.

In the example image, after four attempts, we managed to outline the identity of the hidden player in the three fields (competition, team and boundary), which therefore appear in green. We have also selected the option to display a photo, so a scattered image of the football player’s face appears, which can also help.

Finally, it’s worth noting that you can always refer to the button “Find the clue”which will appear next to the football player’s photo after watching a promotional video.

Guide. Who are you:

soccer word

This is the closest version to the original Wordle, focusing only on the world of football. Every day we will have a new challenge with a word that can have a different number of letters. As in the classic version, Football Wordle it will show the correct position and letter in green and the correct but incorrectly placed letter in orange.

Reference. Football Wordle:

Other fun versions of Wordle

Soccer aside, if you want to continue to challenge your neurons and have a good time, here are some other Wordle options you might be interested in:

  • wordle with tildesfor those who are more respectful of spelling.
  • Children’swith just three letter words to get little ones started with Wordle.
  • squirreloption for Pokemon lovers.
  • clownwhich is also known as “The Word of Numbers”.
  • time triala very demanding version of the game where there is limited time to find the hidden word.
  • Dordle. The challenge here is to solve two words at a time. There is also an option for four words at a time (Quordle) and even eight (Octordle).
  • flagA wordle game consisting of guessing country flags.

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