“PodDelas opened new doors for me”

After working with the Internet for 11 years, Tata presents the video PodDelas, which has more than 121 million views.

On the Internet since 2011, Tata Estanecki has started in a different way than was usual at the time. While bloggers had their blogs and YouTubers had their channels, the influencer has always bet on Instagram. It’s no wonder that Tata already has more than 9 million followers online.

Over the years, Tata has partnered with brands as diverse as Mentos, Morana, O Boticário, Eudora, Prime Video, Aussie, Natura, Reebok, Activia, Dolce Gusto and many others.

Currently, it is possible to add other things to the influencer profession category, such as business woman, owner of Louth shoe store and influencer marketing agency Yzi Assessoria and host of PodDelas.

Presented by Tata and Bruna Unzueta, the video already has more than 170 interviews, over a million subscribers and over 121 million views in just over a year of existence.

According to Tata, the idea for the project came up during the pandemic, and less than a month later, the project was launched.

“On no podcast did I see any guests I followed and any personalities interacting with the female audience. Then I thought that “there is an opportunity to do something in the same format, but aimed at women,” said the influencer.

I have been on the internet for 11 years. In fact, it was not a decision to enter, it was happening. I have constant content on the Internet and have always posted a lot of my life. When I started, there wasn’t even a term “digital influencer”, just bloggers who only had their own blogs and youtubers who only had their own channels. I was having none of it. I was gaining relevance on Instagram and at the time no one knew where this relevance would go.

The product has to be related to me, my style and time in life and if it’s a product I use. If I don’t use it, if it has nothing to do with me, I don’t do it. There’s no way I’m selling something I don’t believe in. Thank God, I can say that I only work with what I use, like and is part of my daily routine.

Because we have such a busy schedule with the podcast, doing it live three times a week, I set aside Tuesdays to record commercials. I start early, around 8am, and I record all the promotional content for the week by 5pm, which is when I need to get the podcast out. I also record a few things on Friday, but Tuesday is basically all day recording content.

PodDelas appeared at the height of the epidemic, where there was only sad and hard news. It was getting pretty bad with the weather, I think we all were. It was a very difficult time. I followed PodPah, which is currently the biggest podcast in Brazil, and the guys are my friends, but I didn’t see any guests there or on any other podcast that I followed, who would be my influential friends and personality. who interacted with the female audience. Then I thought that “there is an opportunity to do something in the same format, but for women”. We got it off the paper in less than a month and we’re still here today.

I managed to position myself as a presenter, which has always been my dream, and attracted the attention of new brands. Additionally, the podcast worked as a channel to share the demand for brands coming to me. I don’t like to saturate my audience with too much advertising, so if a brand comes in and wants to close with me and I don’t have an agenda available on my Instagram, I can play PodDelas and stuff. It’s also been the other way around, not having an agenda on the podcast and I’m sharing it on my own social networks.

Relationships with brands
My relationship has always been very good, thank God. I never had any problems. I treat the brands I work with with great love and care, they are truly partners. But like I said, the podcast opened new doors, new brands, new niches. always adding.

advertising works
I like all of them. As I’ve said here several times, I’m very blessed to only work with brands I like and trust. I am very privileged to do what I love, but recently I did a job with Morana and I am very flattered to be represented in malls all over Brazil. It was an incredible experience.

Consolidated brand
I see myself as a very cohesive brand. I’ve been building this for over ten years. It wasn’t overnight, it was one step. I see myself as a weighty and very responsible brand.

Validity. I put my essence into everything I do, everything I deal with and everything I am connected to.

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