Poles prefer to shop on Facebook than in the metaverse

According to a study commissioned by Sanders Consumer Bank, over 80% of Poles are not too enthusiastic about shopping in the metaverse.

Poles are not interested in shopping in the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg strongly believes in his concept of the metaverse, but not everyone shares his enthusiasm. Analysts say that the technology developed by Meta will end in 2025. According to the study “Poles own wallet: Poles on e-shopping 2022”, which was conducted in October on a representative group of Polish adults, it is also difficult to find fans of virtual reality in our country.

It is primarily a question shop in the metaverse: only 9% of respondents would be interested in such a possibility. The vast majority of respondents, regardless of gender, age, place of residence, income and education, gave negative opinions.

The reason may be ignorance of this way of shopping. According to research, up to 82% of people have never heard of this possibility. Among the people who are familiar with this phenomenon are mostly young people aged 18-29 and 30-39, as well as residents of medium-sized cities and metropolises, with secondary or higher education.

This proves that this topic is still unknown in our country, and knowledge about it is mostly held by hobbyists or people who are professionally related to e-commerce and modern technologies.

Shopping through social media is more accepted than in the metaverse

Poles are not ready to shop in the metaverse, but would be happy to buy products through social media. 24% of respondents were delighted with it. They wouldn’t even mind buying, for example, clothes while streaming on Facebook or Instagram. These are mainly young people, i.e. between the ages of 18 and 29, who generally do better on social networks. 61% of respondents do not want to buy via social networks – this is dominated by men and older people over 70 years old.

Again, this may be due to insufficient knowledge of the subject:

Although the phenomenon of buying via social networks is quite debatable and much better known in our country, the majority of respondents (89 percent) did not buy in this way. However, looking at how many people are interested in such a purchase – 24 percent. We can expect this to change in the near future.

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