Polish cities received a warning from energy suppliers. Electricity may run out soon

Begins. Authorities in Warsaw and Poznań are beginning to receive the first signals from energy suppliers that serious problems may soon arise in supplying electricity to these cities. The authorities are looking for a solution and ensure that the problems do not affect the residents.

According to a report published in Business Insider, the energy crisis could affect Poznań and Warsaw – especially the latter city. Stoen Operator has directly informed the Warsaw City Hall that it is very likely that it will have to initiate energy rationing procedures. The biggest commercial beneficiaries, i.e. factories, office buildings and shopping malls, will be the first to be affected. And that’s it for now.

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Apparently there should be no power cuts to facilities for direct use by citizens. In other words, energy will continue to be supplied to homes, blocks of flats and street lighting systems. Warsaw authorities are also considering reducing energy consumption in their offices and other municipal units.

A further problem is rising energy prices. As part of the tender for deliveries for next year, Warsaw City Hall received offers with prices almost three times higher than the current ones. Do not panic. However, one should take into account the situation that the apartment or house may one day run out of electricity for an indefinite period of time. How to prepare for it?

Blackout in Poland. Preparation kit.

In light of the potential threat, it is worth being sensible and preparing for a potential crisis. Therefore, you should ensure that in the apartment in a safe place there is:

  • First aid kit and a set of basic medicines with an important expiry date – for obvious reasons.
  • Food storage with a long shelf life and high energy value. Candy with sugar is a pretty good idea this time.
  • A pocket knife or a set of basic tools.
  • Tourist stove.
  • Blankets and warm clothes.
  • Whistle and flashlight, to signal and solve the problem of lack of light. In addition, an extra battery for the flashlight and a charged power bank for the phone. Plus candles and matches
  • Radio. FM radio waves are still the most reliable medium for transmitting information. Including city announcements about the situation related to energy supply. Television and the Internet can be unreliable.
  • Cash balance for several days.
  • Bottled drinking water.

It is also worth making sure that as many devices in the home as possible are connected to surge protectors. Sudden drops and increases in the energy supply can damage them – the power rail must protect them from this. You should also remember to open the fridge as little as possible in case of blackout – this is well insulated and keeps the temperature for a long time until the air inside mixes with the outside.

Polish cities received a warning from energy suppliers. Electricity may run out soon

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