Polish garlic and Chinese garlic. Do you know how to tell them apart? It’s easy to get confused. Color and smell are important

We often buy garlic bulbs, but we rarely think about the origin of the product. Garlic is garlic. It turns out that it can be domestic or imported from China. The latter does not have as much nutritional value as its domestic counterpart. How to check what goes into our dishes?


A base for sauces, an addition to meat, a spice – garlic has many uses. Although there are different types, eg bear or wind, the most popular is the ordinary one. The boom in clove consumption begins in the fall season. In the period of illness, the perennial works well with flu, sore throat and reduced immunity. In addition to strong antibacterial properties, it helps fight cancer. Gardeners are increasingly willing to plant garlic in backyard conditions.

– Thanks to its specific smell caused by a bactericidal compound – allicin is a natural antibiotic, and thanks to the large amount of vitamin C, it increases the immunity of our body. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it has an anti-cancer effect, slows down the aging process of the body – The State Service for Plant and Seed Health Inspection informs.

Domestic garlic is more environmentally friendly, which in practice means more useful properties. The easiest way to tell the two types apart is by color. The Chinese product is usually white, as if painted, the Polish product has stains and its coating is not perfect. The aril can be pink or purple in color.

It is also not without significance aroma. Our domestic vegetables are intense, while the imported heads do not have such a strong smell. IN taste likewise, the Polish product is more noticeable, the foreign one has a sweet taste.

Garlic that comes from China is often larger but that from field crops does not germinate and it is easy to get cloves from it. Some customers say it looks bloated. It is hard to see any flaws on the surface, imported goods are thoroughly cleaned, and domestic heads are not so perfect.

However, there is no shortage of Chinese fans of garlic. While some prefer to buy homemade, directly from farmers, some choose commercial, which in their opinion spoils more slowly and is not offended by the intensity of smell or taste.

Source: piorin.gov.pl

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