POLREGIO announces another increase in ticket prices

On the occasion of this year’s holiday, POLREGIO has launched almost 100 additional connections to the most popular tourist destinations, including international ones. In addition, many people use the company’s train every day, for example to get to work. In just a few days, however, passengers will have to pay more for the train journey.

POLREGIO ticket prices (strongly) increased

The company announced this from August 1, 2022, an increase in ticket prices will be introduced. A detailed price list will appear on the carrier’s website in the next few days, but it is already known that the price of single tickets for short routes will increase by several tens of pennies and for longer ones by a few zlotys. For example, until the end of July you will have to pay PLN 24 for a trip up to 91-100 km, and from the beginning of August the trip will cost PLN 27.60 in this case.


If you use season tickets, you have to be prepared for the biggest increases. From August 1, 2022, a monthly pass (personal, normal) for a distance of up to 53 km, for example, will cost PLN 370 (instead of PLN 322). On the other hand The price of a quarterly ticket for a similar distance will increase from PLN 790 to PLN 908, i.e. by almost PLN 120. At the same time, weekend tourist tickets (from 48 to 55 zlotys) and REGIOcarnet (from 75 to 87 zlotys) will also be increased.

POLREGIO new ticket prices from August 1st, 2022

People using discounted tickets won’t miss out on the increases either – more from August 1, 2022 they pay students, people with disabilities and pensioners, among others. In addition, the price for transporting pets (by PLN 0.5, up to PLN 5) and the fee for transporting a bicycle (by PLN, from PLN 7 to PLN 8) will also increase.

As noted by the eM Kielce service, this is the second increase in ticket prices within 12 months – previously POLREGIO had increased prices on December 12, 2021, due to the change in the annual train timetable.

However, traveling passengers will be able to protect themselves from increases. Where and how can I buy a ticket at the old, cheaper price?

The increases will be introduced in a few days, on August 1, 2022 Passengers can buy tickets at the old prices until the end of 2022. As?

The ticket at the price before the increase will be available online, ie via the Internet and in the application for mobile devices available for Android (in the Google Play Store) and iOS (in the Apple App Store). The new prices will apply from the beginning of August 2022 at the ticket offices and from the train attendants.

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