Popeyes lists Henrique Fogacha as a client to announce the partnership

The campaign, signed by Africa, is themed “Best Fried Chicken You Haven’t Eaten Yet”.

Popeye’s and chef Henrique Fogacha have teamed up in a partnership that seeks to highlight the qualities of the chain’s fried chicken through a campaign themed “The Best Fried Chicken You Haven’t Eaten Yet.”

The campaign, signed by Africa, brings a reversal of roles, with Fogaça taking on the role of consumer rather than chef. In the play, he presents himself as a demanding and perfecting consumer, but the chain waiter reminds him that he is no longer the cook in that kitchen.


“Popeyes is already a popular brand outside of Brazil, known for its high-quality products and meticulous preparation. So for the campaign, we brought Fogaça, known as a demanding chef throughout the process to the end result in his kitchen, to translate this essence. and show the Brazilian market that the best fried chicken exists only at Popeyes,” explained Heloise Popeim, Popees PMO for Africa.

The collaboration with Henrique Fogacha is not limited to the presence of the first advertising campaign broadcast on television and social networks, which will last until the end of April, but will also introduce product innovations and other news throughout the year.

“We were very happy to have one of Brazil’s greatest chefs as a Popeyes ambassador. With this partnership, we will grow the brand even further in the country, representing the unmistakable quality and taste of Louisiana spices,” said Juliana Currie, vice president of marketing and sales for Popeyes and Burger King Brazil.

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