Porto Alegre (RS). the selection process offers vacancies for mid-level healthcare professionals

a City Hall of Porto Alegre, Province Rio Grande do Sul, registration is open for a selection process aimed at hiring mid-level professionals Healthcare area.

The salary offered by the Municipality of Porto Alegre is BRL 2,604.00 monthly.

a Fundatec: is responsible for organizing the selection process.

Vacancies and salaries in Porto Alegre – RS

The municipality of Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande do Sul offers through the selection process: 19 vacancies to fill immediately and vacancies for the formation of the reserve register.

Opportunities are open to candidates with level medium distributed between the following positions:

Positions and vacancies

  • Endemic disease control agent – 1 vacancy;
  • Community Health Officer – 18 Vacancies.

Salary offered for the posts of Endemic Disease Control Agent and Community Health Agent is BRL 2,604.00 for a 40-hour work week.

Registration Porto Alegre – RS

Those who wish to participate in the election process of the municipality of Porto Alegre must register by March 23, 2023 directly through the Fundatec website.

The registration fee is R$94.50.

Job Appointments Porto Alegre – RS

Check below the main functions according to the candidate’s chosen position:

Endemic fighting agent

  • Guidance on signs and symptoms of injuries or diseases caused by arthropods and rodents of public health importance and to submit suspected cases to the Health Network;
  • Develop educational and community mobilization activities related to disease or injury control in their catchment area in collaboration with the Family Health Strategy Team;
  • Co-plan or coordinate with the Family Health Strategy Community Health Agents and the Primary Care or Family Health team, or both, to take action to control illness or injury;
  • Conduct home visits for dengue referral and prevention in areas not served by the Family Health Strategy;
  • Develop or implement, or both, strategies to address existing issues;
  • Notify management and team of any and all risky situations;
  • Participate in meetings related to work activities and perform administrative tasks related to work activities;
  • Conduct vector control activities by inspecting and identifying suspected sites, as well as identifying and eliminating outbreaks and filling out forms;
  • Implementation of procedures and norms prescribed by the National Dengue Control Program (PNCD) and other programs for the prevention and control of endemic diseases;
  • Environmental management guidance on rodent and vector avoidance and the conduct of animal bite surveys.

Community Health Agent

  • Work with the registration of individuals and families on a defined geographic basis and register everyone in your area by updating data in the current Primary Care Information System, using it systematically with the support of the team to analyze health status. considering the social, economic, cultural, demographic and epidemiological characteristics of the area and prioritizing the monitored situations in local planning;
  • Use tools to collect information that contributes to the demographic and socio-cultural diagnosis of the community.
  • To record data on births, deaths, diseases and other health problems for the purpose of planning and monitoring health activities, ensuring ethical confidentiality;
  • Develop activities that seek integration between the health team and the population assigned to the ICU, taking into account the characteristics and goals of the further work of individuals and social groups or collectives;
  • Notify users about dates and times of appointments and scheduled exams;
  • Participate in primary care regulatory processes to monitor user needs for scheduling or opting out of consultations and required tests.

Selection stages Porto Alegre – RS

The election process of the municipality of Porto Alegre-RS will have the following stages:

  • objective evidence for all posts of elimination and classification nature.
  • Preparatory course eliminative nature.

The application of the objective test is scheduled for April 30, 2023.

Click here to read the notification in full and check detailed information like complete schedule, test schedule and responsibilities of each post.

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