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Positive registration. is there any benefit?

Just as companies and financial institutions know about bad payers, those with a good track record also gain credibility for doing so. And positive recorda story of a good payer.

All bills must be paid on time to have a positive score. This is because the entire record is in each citizen’s CPF. That is, it is an up-to-date payment history that allows you to get more credits and points in the market. As you will see in this Monday’s article (04) in Notícias Concursos, it pays to be on this shortlist. positive record.

Positive registration. is there any benefit? – Canva Pro

What is positive registration?

Registration takes into account the payment of costs such as electricity, water and energy bills. It also includes larger amounts such as loans and financing. So companies, banks and even service providers can access CPF information to assess whether a person is a good payer.

Currently, about 4 million Brazilians are actively registered to update their accounts. In tough times like this, with high inflation and unemployment, paying bills without delay is a big differentiator in the eyes of the market. Today, Bahia has the most positive records. The number of families with good indicators is 320,000.

Remember that registration is automatic. That is, as long as the person pays all their bills on time, the CPF will automatically count as a positive number. One of the advantages is easier access to credit and lower interest rates.

The registry is currently used by more than 70 countries, which have found a way to facilitate CPF advice for those paying well on the registry. Only scores can be queried unless the consumer has allowed historical data to be queried.

So, if you plan to have a high limit credit card or are considering taking out a home or car loan, you should be on this list of good payers. Among the advantages of this positive record are access to better lines of credit, easy disbursements, and almost guaranteed loan approval.

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