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Post-holiday carp as tough as soles, do this and it’ll be fresh off the pan

You have fried carp left over from Christmas, but after reheating it becomes unappetizing and tough. See what you need to do to make it taste just fried. You don’t need special accessories. You have everything at hand in the kitchen.

Hot straight from the pan, the carp impresses with its tender, juicy interior hidden within a crispy coating. Unfortunately, this effect passes quickly, and the colder the fish, the tastier it seems. So, when it gets completely cold, it becomes not very appetizing, so we eat it a little in the following days, so that it does not pass. However, everything depends on the method of heating, because if it is done correctly, we can get the best out of the fish again.

How to heat a carp?

Again Frying carp is a risky ideaas the golden coating browns quickly but the inside of the fish is still cold. Microwave heating is also not the best choiceas fish prepared this way quickly becomes rubbery and hard. So how do you reheat carp so that it retains its delicious flavor and tender, juicy texture?

Fried fish simply the best place in a baking dish and heat the oven heated up to 180 degrees (preferably with top-down heating option). After just a few minutes, the carp will be hot, crispy on the outside and still juicy on the inside. Important before baking cover the bowl tightly with a lid and place the fish in a dish with aluminum foilbecause it prevents the food from drying out. Can you add more? rub the fish meat with a piece of butter and sprinkle with lemon juiceand then it will be even juicier.

What can you do with fried carp?

Even the best heating techniques will not allow you to heat the fish endlessly, because its delicate flesh will become more and more rubbery and dry as a chip after each subsequent heat treatment. So what to do with fried carp besides serving it with salad and potatoes? Among the many delicious ideas, the most notable are:

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