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Potato flour is the perfect solution for oily stains. Few people know about this patent

Oily spots can be a real nuisance. How to get rid of them easily? All you have to do is use one product that most of you probably have in your closets.

Greasy spots can occur both when frying or baking in the kitchen, and when eating ready-made dishes. It is impossible to wash them from clothes or other fabrics. Moreover, it does not require the use of expensive chemicals. All you have to do is use your own kitchen products. Although you usually use it for cooking, it is also perfect for this situation.

How to remove oily stains?

Oily stains can be easily removed potato flour. In addition to being an ingredient in various dishes, it is also great stain remover. It will naturally remove oily dirt, such as after oil or butter.

Dust the coated fabric with flour and rub gently with a cloth (be careful not to damage the fabric). Do this until the stain is gone.

Other natural remedies for oily spots

If you don’t have potato flour at home, you can also use other natural ingredients to remove oily stains. Table salt, vinegar or coke will work well.

A great solution will also be the use of dishwashing liquid, which will easily overcome this type of dirt. All you need to do is pour a small amount of it on the sponge and rub the stain until you get a foam. Then wash your clothes.

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