Pots for a small apartment. They have low requirements and take up little space. It will even fit into a “micro apartment”

Potted plants enliven the interior and have a positive effect on our mood, so they are worth having even in a small apartment. We recommend those that will not take up a lot of space or create problems in cultivation. Check out which plants to choose when you live in a studio or “micro-apartment”.


Indoor plants have many advantages – they decorate the interior and are a very modern element of decoration, they also improve air quality and even help in cleaning it. In addition, just looking at green has a calming effect, and taking care of plants can be a very useful and pleasant activity. But even if we don’t have too much time to take care of plants (or we don’t feel like it), and the size of our apartment is quite symbolic, we don’t have to give up potted plants. There are many that require little space and just as little effort.

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When choosing plants for a small apartment, we must, of course, pay attention to their size. But don’t be fooled by the size of the seedling – even the largest plants are initially unremarkable. That’s why it’s worth it check the target size of the plant and how fast it is growing. If there is only its name on the label, and the seller cannot give an answer, check on the Internet (of course, we should not have such problems in garden stores, but when shopping in supermarkets it can be different).

It is worth paying attention to the full name of the plant, because compact varieties and species appear more and more often. For example, if the label says “monstera”, let’s check if it’s a holey monster that needs a lot of space, or maybe a modern monster from Adanson (“Monkey Mask”), which is much smaller.

Apart from plants, which eventually reach small sizes, creepers work very well in small apartments. Most often, their shoots can climb up the supports and hang freely, which gives us great possibilities for decoration. If we wrap the saplings of the plant around the stake, we will get a tall but narrow decoration that will work well on a small area. Alternatively, you can place the pot with the climbing plant on a cupboard or bookshelf, or hang it on the wall, and arrange its shoots in rows along the walls or under the ceiling. This solution looks interesting and will not take up precious usable space. Of course, plants that tolerate pruning work well in small apartments.

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When choosing plants for a studio or other small apartment, we must keep in mind not only the space limitations, but also the requirements of the plants. Even those that are easy to grow have their needs. It is one of the most basic access to light, while the vast majority of potted flowers prefer diffused rather than direct, blazing sun. In practice, this means that if we have windows facing south, we can place flowers at a greater distance from them than with windows facing east, west or north. In addition, all plants need at least from time to time to waterso it is good to place them so that we have easy access to them.

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