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Precaution Anatel threatens the MVNO market, sources criticize

The Brazilian mobile virtual operator (MVNO) market will be threatened by the latest order given by Anatel requiring mobile operators to negotiate with the integrator Base Serviços the provision of mobile connectivity in the bids won by the governments of Amazonas and Alagoas. This is because, after all, any company can sell mobile connections even without having an authorization from Anatel to act as an operator or MVNO. In practice, it transforms the mobile personal service (SMP) into a value-added service (SVA), exempting its provider from any regulatory obligations or payment of the high telecom tax burden. So claim sources in the MVNO sector heard by Mobile Time.

“In the name of public interest and because of ‘periculum in mora’, Anatel gave an order for an illegality. The legislation requires that the connection be provided by a provider authorized by Anatel, either MNO or MVNO,” argues a source.

Industry leaders contacted Anatel representatives in recent days to express their displeasure with the order. “MVNOs are furious. Why comply with regulatory obligations and pay taxes if we can become an SVA?” he adds.

Forum of innovative operators

The challenges of the Brazilian MVNO market will be the topic of the panel at the 6th Forum of Novato Operators, an event held by Mobile Time and Teletime on March 22 and 23, at the WTC, in São Paulo. The updated schedule and more information are available at

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