Preppy dog ​​throws himself in mud, surprises owner, video goes viral

This got really dirty hahaha! Patrician a bizza, all white, plump and fluffy, decided to put aside her manners and jump into the mud to play with the other “aumigos”. The Pomeranian turned out to be a street lady when she found adventure companions.

This story was told by human teacher Fernanda Krejbic on her TikTok account when she took her dog for a walk near her friend’s workplace in Santa Catarina.

After letting the pet loose with the other dogs on land, Fernanda encountered the dog girl covered in mud from head to toe. If you see a face, you don’t see a heart, right? The video, of course, went viral. (see below)


Fernanda didn’t know that her little albino Pomeranian dog, who until then had lived like a madam, would want a more radical adventure.

The teacher said in the video that he took his daughter to the carrier where his friend works and left her with the other dogs there.

After some time, Fernanda decided to look for the dog and was surprised. In the mud, the stain rubs its snow-white fur in all that dirt.

The joy of animals

Until then, Fernanda did not know that the pet likes this kind of entertainment. Living a comfortable and pampered life at home, the Pomeranian always hid this, shall we say, more spontaneous and popular side.

After playing with the little dog, the woman shared another video of her giving her naughty daughter a good bath.

“After ‘Paher Spa’,” Fernanda wrote in a second post. The post shows the dog bathing in a tank at its owner’s home.

And the reaction of the pet? He didn’t care… hahaha! Wagging his tail and sticking out his tongue, the dog showed off his dirty coat like a trophy for a great day of fun.

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went viral

The posting of the patricinha stain on TikTok won the hearts of netizens. With more than 3 million views, Fernanda’s daughter’s “spa” day brought laughter.

Other pet parents on social media joined in on the fun and commented that the dog was loving the whole situation.

“His defiant face…Talking take me there again to see if I can do it again,” wrote one netizen.

One said: “He’s waiting for his next session,” he joked.

@fernandakreibich♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

The Pomeranian won everyone’s hearts in the mud, and the video already has more than 200,000 likes. – Photo: Playback/TikTok @fernandakreibich

According to BNews.

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