Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign, writes the British press - Portal CM7 - News from Manaus and AmazonasEnglish 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will resign, writes the British press – Portal CM7 – News from Manaus and Amazonas

World – After several victims of British ministers, with the explanation that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is not capable of governing, the resignation of the British Prime Minister as leader of the Conservative Party this Thursday (July 7) is understood. According to the British media, he could resign at any time, which means that his prime ministerial term will also end.

Sky and the BBC are reporting that the prime minister has agreed to step down, ending an unprecedented standoff in the UK. The Telegraph, The Times, The Independent, The Sun, The Mirror and The Guardian also predict a fall for the Prime Minister.

BBC political editor Chris Mason tweeted: “Boris Johnson will step down as leader of the Conservative Party today.”

A spokesman for the prime minister said he would make a statement to the nation on Thursday, scheduled for 9am GMT. Boris is also expected to announce that he intends to stay on as prime minister until October, when the Conservative Party’s annual congress takes place and the party, which has a majority in the British parliament, could announce a new name.

Sexual harassment

Boris’s situation has become unsustainable in recent days. The crisis intensified after Boris Johnson was accused of ignoring allegations of sexual harassment against minister Christopher Pincher. The prime minister reportedly knew about the complaints, but would still choose to appoint Pincher as deputy prime minister in parliament.

Pincher resigned as deputy leader of the Conservative Party on Thursday after being accused of groping two guests at a private dinner the night before. In a letter he sent to Johnson, he admitted to drinking too much, which made other people feel uncomfortable and “embarrassed”.

The case gained even more visibility after Simon McDonald, a former Foreign Office official, claimed Downing Street, the prime minister’s office, had lied when it said it was unaware of previous harassment allegations against Pincher.

The new controversies have caused even more frustration among party parliamentarians, who would tire of defending a government that many believe is marked by scandals.

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