Prime Ministers are investigated for corruption and cigarette smuggling in RN

The three sergeants of the Military Police the great northern river stepped down from their positions in an exposé investigating the practice of corruption and theft by state public security agents.

THE Operation Smokestarting this Thursday (December 22) from Civil policealso served two search and seizure warrants on properties in Natal.

The operation also aimed to enforce preventive arrest warrants against two burglary suspects, a bodyguard and another agent who did not have the Prime Minister’s license. However, the two have not been found so far, being on the run. The action was carried out by civil police officers of the Department for the Fight against Corruption and Money Laundering (DECCOR-LD🇧🇷

According to what was revealed by the Civil Police, the fact that led to the operation happened in 2021, when in Rua Almirante Tamandaré, in the Lagoa Nova district, in the southern area of ​​Natal, two hooded and armed people. the men invaded a residence to steal a load of cigarettes that had been left on the property the same day, enlisting the help of three other people who were driving the truck where the load was placed and unloaded.

However, according to the investigation, the Military Police was called for the robbery incident and after the arrival of the garrisons, the police officers approached the suspects, but then they were released, without carrying out any investigation, arrest and arrest and/or referral to the police body of duty.

After the robbery suspects were released, three military police officers, all of the rank of sergeant, one from the 5th Battalion and the others from CIPRED, allegedly asked the victim for a form “resolve the situation“because they didn’t want to”damage any police station“, as there was one among the robbery suspects, who was even identified as such in the garrisons.

One of the sergeants even entered false data into the public administration information system when he modulated CIOSP/COPOM informing that there was no case at the location.

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