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Prince Kaybee’s Maselspoort posts cause division

After watching a viral video of a young boy in the Free State being beaten by two elderly white men, Prince Kaybee couldn’t control his tongue… well, in this case, his fingers. The DJ had the audacity to tweet a message, pointing at all the white people in Mzanzi who want a “whites only” pool and advising them to get out of the country. The post was shared this morning (December 27).

The outraged post read,

“If white people want a whites-only swimming pool, then they have to leave South Africa…”

In a short time, the post went viral, garnering over 200,000 views, 390 retweets, and over 4,000 likes.

The controversial post quickly caused an uproar in Kaybee’s comment section.While most felt similar to how DJ felt about the matter, other tweets were made by charlotte The hitmaker responded that the tweet was incorrect and should apply to both races.

Others who commented said they were impressed with the teenager in the clip. They praised him for standing up for himself and the power of his jab.

Shortly after a video was released, a young black boy was beaten by an older white man at a resort in the free state. Image via Twitter @TynOe

Brief introduction of what happened at MASELSPOORT RESORT PoolSide

in the posted video @Tumii_Frost The two men, who appear to be in their 40s, can be seen making physical contact with the teenage boy by the pool on Twitter Maselspoort Resort and Conference CenterWhile the video does not show when the fight took place, the two men reportedly objected to the teenage boy they shared the pool with. The teen can be seen defending himself from a man who rushed towards him.

Other kids in the neighborhood (black and white) tried to stop the fight. When the first man appeared to move away from the teen, another older white man began roughly pulling the boy’s hair.

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See some replies from TWEEPS who commented on PRINCE KAYBEE’s post

@ArchibaldRambau said:

“He fought back bravely and I salute him.”

@ActionKupani wrote:

“We gave them so much independence that now they forget that they are not children of the land.

@DrPreez commented:

“Agreed, black people too.

@Buja3D wrote.

“Please. This is the only way they should be doing it in Europe. Not in South Africa.

@E2_Mash replied:

“What beats these young people.”

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