Princess Leonor and her look at the 2022 Princess of Asturias Awards

Three years have passed since then Leonore de Bourbon hizo debuted in them Awards Princess of Asturiasand during that time we’ve been able to see an evolution in his style, from more nested selections to more mature character sets, as demonstrated during this release. There was inspiration from her mother, Queen Letizia, who surprised with a fuchsia-colored outfit at the traditional previous concert, and this morning she bet on a look a lady in tweed in the audience. But perhaps his most anticipated appearance was there delivery of prizes, that another year was held at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo, where the child of the kings led the act with a very different stylistic approach to recent occasions. and for the first time with sequins! You can also borrow waiting for your mother


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– Doña Leticia restores in Oviedo the pointillist dress from her meeting with Isabel II

The princess has chosen two-tone dress in white and black with tropical print and sequins in Michael Kors, with round leather and wide, slightly puffed sleeves. A straight silhouette design above the pole that featured dark fringe as a detail on the skirt. There was no unintended past as well as the original hairstyle, which has a lucido, a low braided pattern with a relaxed character that allows you to see some hanging climbers by Chanelone a piece taken from the joyero of her mother, Queen Leticia. it’s about him model plume which has the shape of a feather and is made in gold and diamonds (8600 euros).



– The evolution of Doña Leticia’s style in Oviedo since 2004

Like previous acts, he has accompanied his band with us heeled shoessome salons with a similar height to the shoes they took this morning at time the audience with the awardees, where she, her sister, and Reyna all opted for black watercolor designs. This time the princess has chosen a nude model in point of those that have shown to be very safe on the road. And that’s what you mean for Infanta Sophia, this meant her first time wearing heelsLeonor ventured with them in 2020 when she was 15 years old, exactly the same age as her sister.


Sofia repeated her fashion formula in Oviedo with a mini dress and “shiny” ballet flats

Once again, the first-born of Los Reyes did her best to make it clear that her style, increasingly personal and defined, differs from that of Infanta Sofia, who wore a sequined dress in navy blue.


– Doña Leticia shows off her back in her sparkly halter dress

Princess Leonor’s previous appearance

It seems that dresses with childlike airs like Princess wore are behind for the first time at this ceremony in 2019, with a pastel blue floral print design, round leather and French sleeves, according to your age. This year, set your pick with some golden dancers from Pretty Ballerinas. I prefer to leave the hair alone with some subtle waves on the spikes.


– Sofia repeats her fashion formula in Oviedo with a mini dress and “glamorous” ballerinas

A year later, in 2020we were able to appreciate a remarkable change in your wardrobe during an edition of Awards Princess of Asturias marked by the pandemic. This time I opted for a slightly more formal and surprising silhouette with a dress with glittering embroidery and sequins, cut midi and in water green color. in 2021, no embargo, Felipe VI’s daughter and Letizia’s daughter radically changed their style, also debuting a new company in their dressing room. The past edition featured a cut-out model, an unusual creation with an ochentero-style bottom and a miniskirt cut signed by Bgo & Me.


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