Princess Leonor debuted her favorite ‘Gen Z’ trousers with shoes and a pretty pink leotard

Hours after returning from Wales and presiding over the historic ceremony in Los Awards Princess of Asturias in Oviedo, there Princess Eleanor follow the official route of the weekend with his priests, King Felipe VI and the reigning Letizia to the parish of Cadavéu. Located in the idyllic coastal municipality of Valdes, this is the place of choice for the delivery of award al pueblo ejemplar de Asturias 2022 and the heredera al throne arrived, breaking the style as it has been doing for a few months. its difference elegant dress with sequin print who plays ayer, on this occasion he follows the traditional dress code, trusting one a basic and comfortable look with the star gift from Generación Z.


– Leonor innovates with a sequin dress with feather pendants by Reina

Leaving aside the shiny details and shiny fabrics that he has clarified in previous official acts, the 17-year-old went to this precious Asturian corner founded in un perfect style for days of fun in the one that emphasizes it wide pantalon more cañero of the seasonknown as office. A model that debuted in the cream tone, they are high, with a slightly wide leg and medium pockets located on the side.


– Leonor’s “ladylike” look or how to update a tweed set with pendants from La Reina

A military print offering that the princess surprised us with this October morning, expanding her extensive wardrobe of offerings that girls her age wear every day. In another leading fashion, they are combined with one delicious round cuello shirt made in a point that brings light to the face, es decir, s the colorful hero right now, rose! A wise and favorable choice that coincides with another trend we didn’t want to see in him. street stylehe Barbicor; esa, which adorns las experts in the industry and promotes on the catwalk important tailoring houses such as e.g. Valentino.


Abandoning full stardom east of piezas, for this rural visit you have reserved the salons of tacon that calzaba ayer and completed your look with your favorite design, some white sneakers with ropes in Hugo Boss, las mismas que tiene su madre y su hermana que ha lucido in previous cases. While her beauty looks, she has chosen to recreate her mythical collection of well-groomed ground bream and simply added a pair small yellow gold earrings inspired by bamboo canes and macquiring the most natural with black mascara and pink lips.


The color you like the most

It’s also clear that it’s not the first time she’s chosen this vibrant tonality, which is phenomenal for girls like her. Youth Past, in the first event since your Ireland tour, caught our attention, debuting with a sophisticated cape suit in fuchsia with lace XL from the Spanish seamstress Laura Bernala wardrobe staple paired with a black strappy scarf working with the one that defined your new wardrobe.


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