Privacy encourages self-love and gives women the opportunity to change their lives

By writing 1 March 13, 2023 at 4:13 p.m

Brazil – Privacy has recently established itself as the largest platform for content sales in Latin America, reaching the figure of 1 billion accesses and more than 150 million users. Behind all the successes, the main concern of the company is the psychological health of its creators and freedom in the sense that everyone can create content freely, without prejudice.

According to IBGE data, 6.5 million of the 12 million unemployed are women. While the unemployment rate for men is 7.5%, for women it is 11.6%. In this scenario, privacy emerges as an excellent alternative for those looking for a fresh start. Currently, 95% of creators on the platform are women.

One of the successful examples of the platform is Nayara Ledu, a 24-year-old from São Paulo, who decided to venture into the world of content sales after losing her job in a logistics office during the pandemic. “I’ve always had a lot of insecurities about myself and my body because I’m ‘outside the norm’. But Privacy showed me that I don’t have to be ashamed of it, because there are all kinds of people and bodies inside the platform, which makes the environment completely inclusive. I see other content creators who look like me and they inspire me and make me feel welcome,” says the young woman.

In Manaus, influencer Dandara Pantoja also decided to sell content on Privacy and make it her main source of income. Muza stood out on the market, and due to high demand, she even became a luxury escort.

Just one date with the influencer costs BRL 1,500, but according to her, it’s worth it. “I am unforgettable. If I think I’m hot, I have to think I’m hot! I am beautiful, wonderful,” Dandara wrote on Twitter, showing off her power.

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During the campaign carried out by Privacy at the end of last year, the company revealed that the proposal for the coming years is to harmonize a recognizable, authentic tone of voice that creates a connection through a sense of community and the Brazilian spirit with the aim of promoting and highlighting content creators, who are the main protagonists. “We believe in decentralizing earnings because many content creators depend on this platform for financial freedom. We are very proud of our business model, we want to continue to grow and help, more and more, users to feel good about themselves”, the company’s statement reads.

Another privacy difference is that the company provides all the psychological support to the influencer through a professional who is available to help. “In the beginning it was very difficult, because I didn’t have many friends who were creators and I was afraid of being exposed. However, through all the support the platform has given me, it has forced me to open my mind, accept myself as I am and create the courage to work with what I want. Today, I am proud and I can proudly say that I am engaged in the sale of content”, said another content seller.

With more than 100,000 creators producing content every day, the goal is to increasingly democratize the platform and consolidate itself as a social movement of self-awareness, belonging and financial freedom.

About privacy

Founded in 2020, Privacy is the first 100% Brazilian content sales platform. The company operates as a subscription-based social network for content creators to sell exclusive materials. Today, the company has reached more than one billion visits since its foundation and has more than 150 million users and more than 100 thousand influencers. The payment method is the difference of the company, which accepts credit, debit and PIX cards.

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