Procreate users can’t insert or import WEBP images after v5.3 update, problem identified (internal fix)

Developed by Savage Interactive, Procreate is a raster graphics editing application for digital painting available for iOS and iPadOS.

Although it is considered one of the best digital illustration apps, it is not immune to glitches and problems that sometimes bother users.

Procreate users cannot import WEBP images after v5.3 update

According to reports, some users are unable to insert or import WEBP images after the recent v5.3 update.

I can’t stress enough how much the 5.3 spawning update has affected my workflow. image imports are broken in every way except drag and drop. brush pointer bug (and even the work cursor is too thick). jumping/jumping/cancelling shots mid-swing. and much more

I can no longer import saved photos from the browser

WEBP is an image format used by many artists or digital creators because of its efficient compression and small file size. However, some cannot use it now.

Affected users are angry and frustrated because the problem prevents them from working and realizing projects.

It should also be noted that some have problems after the v5.3 update in addition to import issues. Reports they suggest that their app keeps crashing and crashing.

official recognition

Fortunately, the Procreate team has recognized the issue where users are unable to import or insert WEBP images and is already working on a fix.


possible workaround

As a possible solution to this, the Procreate team has also advised those affected to try using the ‘drag and drop’ method to import WEBP images.

This is under investigation and seems to only affect certain types of photos. Try using drag and drop for your imports as a workaround. This should allow you to import for now.

The method involves dragging the desired image from its location on the iPad or iPhone and dropping it onto the Procreate canvas or library.

The Procreate v5.3 update may have brought many new features and improvements to the app, but unfortunately some users are having trouble importing WEBP images.

We hope that the Procreate team will be able to resolve the issue so that users can return to all features of the app.

Follow the guides and stay tuned as we will update this space with new developments as they occur.

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