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“Professional skills of tennis player Thomas Bellucci”.

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The second greatest tennis player in the history of Brazil ended his careerand you probably didn’t even know, he says Rodolfo Borgesthe time Crusoe From this week.

The best after Gustavo Kuerten was Tomasz Bellucci, and the distance between the two is more brutal than it should be. The numbers are like that, cruel. Guga spent 45 weeks at the top of the world tennis rankings. Bellucci’s best position was 21st in 2010. It seems small in comparison, but this ranking shows that the second best Brazilian tennis player in history was a demigod.

Do you know anyone who is or has been number 21 in the world at something, even for a week?? ‘It’s not just that sportsmanship which sparks an interest in tennis at the professional level. That’s also what this level requires. what does it take for a player ranked in the top 100 in the world to get there, what does it take to stay, what will it take to rise above other men who paid the same price he paid. , he writes David Foster Wallace In the essay “The Professional Art of Tennis Player Michael Joyce as a Paradigm of Choice, Freedom, Limitation, Joy, the Grotesque, and Certain Subjects of Human Wholeness.”

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