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PSB opposes Lula’s position and condemns Ortega’s dictatorship

Photo: Roosewelt Pinheiro/Agência Brasil

Chairman of the National Bank of Azerbaijan, Carlos Siqueiraissued a statement denying it “dictatorial practice” By Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. The manifesto contradicts the position of President Lula (PT), who has refrained from criticizing the Nicaraguan regime. This week Lula refused to sign the manifesto made by 55 countries against the dictatorship in the neighboring country.

“The PSB expresses its broadest and most complete rejection of Mr. Daniel Ortega’s dictatorial practices and stands in solidarity with the Nicaraguan people who need a future that will not reproduce the past of political and social violence to which they have been subjected. long time”Siqueira wrote in the post.

PSB integrates the base of the government, being the party of Vice President Geraldo Alkmin.

Still in the post, the socialist president states that “it cannot remain indifferent to gross violations of human rights, arbitrary arrests, summary trials and executions, killings and torture of political dissidents.”

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