PSB withdraws the candidacy of Vanderlei Luxemburgo in the Senate

The former coach published an open letter on Twitter and classified the party’s decision as a “dictatorial and secret stance”.

Anderson Stevens/Lightpress/Cruzeiro ECLuxembourg, Vanderlei Luxembourg
Former coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo announced this Friday the 5th his departure from the controversy of the 2022 elections.

former coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo announced, this Friday, the 5th, its withdrawal from the 2022 electoral dispute after PSB withdraw your candidature for it The Senate for Tocantins. This is because he was replaced by the regional president of the PSB, the former mayor of Palmas, Carlos Amastha, who formalized his candidacy earlier, during the state convention of the acronym. Amastha’s candidacy was not considered until this week. In an open letter published in I tweet, Luxemburg called the party’s decision a “dictatorial and secret stance”. “I inform you that I will not run for any post in these elections. It is unthinkable for me to remain allies with traitors. I leave this process with the certainty that I have built allies, friends and above all a project that has already entered history”, he says. “Politics is done together and the attitudes of PSB president Tocantins stain the history of the Brazilian Socialist Party with a dictatorial and low attitude,” he added.

According to Luxemburg, when he joined the party, he would have heard that he could be a candidate for any office. He also claims that there has been no dialogue to discuss changes in spheres. “I confess that I do not know at what moment my candidacy for the Senate started to be rejected. There was no dialogue, there was pressure. In recent weeks, I have been encouraged to reject the candidacy, to switch to the federal deputy and even to give up the electoral fund”, he concluded.

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