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PT will provide $ 130 million to Lula’s campaign

Photo by Ricardo Stuckert

The PT National Catalog has donated 26.03% of the party’s campaign fund to Lula’s presidential campaign (photo), which guarantees the PT member միլիոն 130 million for the two rounds.reports Estadão this Thursday (30).

The ruling, according to the Sao Paulo newspaper, means that the acronym gives Lula the ceiling allowed by the electoral justice system for presidential candidates.

Earlier this Thursday, the TSE announced that presidential candidates would be able to spend up to $ 88 million in the first round and $ 44 million in the second round, for a total of $ 132 million.

Soon the PT National Directory hammered out the former president’s campaign money. In total, the legend has the right to receive Rs 499.6 million from the fund, which is never too much to remember, to go out of your pocket.

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